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Intune error 0x87d13c28

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From the Update policies for iOS, I will click on Create to create a new policy and name as shown below. 3 Answers. 1. 0 Votes. 0 Votes. 3 Answers. . . The device is enrolled via Apple Configuratior. The user will follow the instructions provided in the email and navigate to Settings > General > Software Update and the device will check for an update, and then tell them that the device is at the current version that the administrator will allow (this is typically the previous version of iOS, which as of this writing is 14. I have created an update policy for iOS to patch the current vulnerability out there. They are 0x87d13c28, 0x87d13c29, 0x87d13c33, and 0x87d13c2e. microsoft. Log in. com · 11 comments JDFlannery commented on Feb 27, 2020 MandiOhlinger assigned Erikre on Feb 27, 2020 MandiOhlinger added apps/subsvc assigned-to-author triaged labels on Feb 27, 2020 ErikjeMS assigned ErikjeMS and unassigned Erikre on Feb 27, 2020. Best regards. Deploy Updates Prevention Policy to iOS Devices. . 3 Answers. 0 Votes. 1 and later devices in Microsoft Intune. Intune connector for multiple On Prem domains.

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